Window Breaker Multi-Tool Keychain (7 Function)

Window Breaker Multi-Tool Keychain (7 Function)
Unique portable safety device constructed of high quality carbon steel components is amazingly powerful despite its compact size

Multi functions include:

Spring-loaded glass breaker with automatic reset will break windows quickly and effortlessly for emergency vehicle exit
Razor sharp seat belt cutter safely embedded in the middle of the unit
Retractable airbag puncture needle
Flat-head screwdriver
Tire tread depth indicator
Safety knife Static eliminator
Full swivel keychain ensures it's always available at your fingertips


Qté 50-99 100-249 250-499 500-999 1000+
Prix (CAD) 9,99 $ 9,59 $ 9,25 $ 8,99 $ 8,49 $