Vehicle Essentials

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Multi-function emergency tool features flashlight, red flashers, safety hammer and a variety of useful toolsIncludes:Safety hammer with hardened steel point and razor sharp seatbelt cutterUltra-bright 4 LED FlashlightBlinking Red Warning LightTools including Scissors, Phillips Screwdriver, Flat Screwdriver, Gripper Pliers, Seatbelt Cutter/Saw3 "...
$ 16.99
Compact design with rubber coating for protection and durability, this impact resistant, rain-proof warning light is ideal for roadside or marine emergencies, camping, hiking, biking, etc.Long range visibility through 10 different super bright LED lighting modes which feature LED spotlight, 9 red LED light settings, 360-degree exposure and...
$ 13.99
Unique portable safety device constructed of high quality carbon steel components is amazingly powerful despite its compact sizeMulti functions include:Spring-loaded glass breaker with automatic reset will break windows quickly and effortlessly for emergency vehicle exitRazor sharp seat belt cutter safely embedded in the middle of the...
$ 8.49
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